The 1st Luxexcel VisionNext Event

November  13th -15th, 2017
Venue: IFB Solutions, Winston Salem, NC - USA

Luxexcel VisionNext Event 2017: The future has arrived!

Recently Luxexcel announced the shipment of the first commercial 3D printing solution for ophthalmic lenses. IFB Solutions, based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, is the first ophthalmic lab in the world using the Luxexcel VisionPlatform.

We will host the inaugural Luxexcel VisionNext Event from November 13th to 15th, 2017, to offer the invitees a window into the future of ophthalmic lens manufacturing.

This event is exclusive and by invite only!

At the Luxexcel Vision Next Event you will experience:

  • The show-stealer: the unveiling of the first installed Luxexcel VisionPlatformAdobeStock_100089974.jpeg
  • An exclusive preview of the first commercially installed and operational Luxexcel VisionPlatform™                 
  • First hand user feedback on 3D printed ophthalmic lenses
  • Presentations from IFB Solutions and Luxexcel on the scope of the Luxexcel VisionPlatform
  • Unique ophthalmic showcases for today and tomorrow

In all industries today, the trend is toward additive manufacturing. We want to be ahead of the curve. You don’t want to be the guy in the darkroom when everyone else has moved to digital photography

Danny Kelly, Chief Operating Officer at IFB Solutions, major independent US ophthalmic lab


The event is accessible for:

  • Invited ophthalmic labs
  • Invited press



VEE_MdV_Showday 1 (21)-811602-edited.jpg


The Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ enables 3D printing of ophthalmic lenses on a commercial scale. Besides the possibility to 3D print specialty lenses, the Luxexcel VisionPlatform enables ophthalmic labs to manufacture products that are unique and futuristic.

Some tangible examples are 3D printed RX lenses for VR/AR applications including Smart Glasses, and lenses with an embedded display within the lens. Luxexcel's presentation will give a deeper insight into how the Luxexcel VisionPlatform can open up new vistas for enhanced user experience in a wide range of applications. At the Luxexcel VisionNext event you will see the Luxexcel VisionPlatform in action and get a glimpse into the future!

NOTE: this event is by invite only.

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