3D printed lenses by Luxexcel have been independently tested by COLTS Laboratories and are found to be compliant with the ophthalmic industry standard quality tests.

The following tests were conducted:

  • ISO 8980-1:2004 Focal Power
  • UV Transmittance-SQ
  • Yellowness Index-SQ
  • ISO 8980-3 Transmittance
  • EN 166:2001 Minimum Robustness
  • FDA Dropball 50 Inches

Various 3D printed lenses of assorted powers, were recently submitted to COLTS Laboratories for testing. All lenses have passed.  COLTS issued certificates for each of the tests performed. The certificates are now available

With these certifications, Luxexcel technology is confident it is now poised for the commercial market and ready to take the next step in the future of lens manufacturing

Read report 1 (UV Transmittance, Yellowness Index, ISO8980-3 Transmittance, FDA Dropball 50 inches)

Read report 2 (IS8980-1:2004 Focal Power, EN166:2001 Minimum Robustness)